When you’re planning a big event such as a wedding or corporate event, you’re sometimes looking for a whole party planner and might wonder will a DJ organize the whole event for you. The answer is no. The DJ is the DJ, not a party planner. However, there are many things that a DJ will do that are in line with organizing the event, just not the whole event.

DJ Organize the Whole Event

While a DJ won’t organize the whole event they will do things such as:

Organize the Music

You can speak to the DJ and get together a playlist, or offer up songs, genres, or styles that you want to be played at your event. The DJ will also know the crowd, and type of event and have a feel for the type of music that should be played.


If there is more than one type of entertainer there, the DJ will work with the other entertainer to keep the flow of the event going smoothly.


A great DJ will have a lighting set up, whether it’s just lights, a disco ball, or lasers, this adds a whole other level of special to your special event. The lighting differs depending on the size of the venue, and of course on the type of event.

Emcee (MC)

Most DJ’s will also act as the MC of the event, which is also like a coordinator, and keeps the event flowing smoothly. A great DJ knows how to keep events moving along, how to keep everything fun and lively, and knows how to have the important moments stand out, such as the important moments at a wedding.

A DJ is not an event coordinator, but they will work closely with your other vendors to be sure that your event goes off without a hitch and is a memorable occasion for both you and your guests. Contact DJ Hoof for your next event!