Don’t think of a DJ as someone who just presses play and lets the music play. There is so much more that a DJ really does. When you hire a DJ, you should be asking questions and ask them, what does a DJ really do? We’ll explain here.

What Does a DJ Really Do

What a DJ really does, depends a lot on the event they’re being hired for of course. But for any event, there is a lot of planning that goes into what they’ll be doing for that afternoon or night. There are discussions with the host to determine the type and style of the music that will be played.

If it’s a club that is hosting the DJ, they will be playing other people’s music, and there will be typically a very specific type of music being played. They might even play at that venue on a regular basis.

Mobile DJ’s are often not thought of very much. They’re great! They travel to different events. They engage with the crowd, and probably even take requests from guests! They’re also very versatile.

Radio DJ’s which can be similar to Mobile ones, as they are very versatile. If the Disc Jockey you hired is a radio Disk Jockey too, you should probably listen to them on the radio and see what their personality is like. They can either just talk between sets, or they might mix up the music. They’re all different.

This is what’s so wonderful about being in the music industry, and especially being a DJ. You can be versatile. DJ Hoof does all of the events listed above. He serves all of Tampa Bay and Central Florida, and is available for dances, weddings, corporate events, club parties, makes custom mixes, and even hosts a radio show! Catch him in the mix every week on the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party!