Wedding planning is stressful. Planning your wedding music list doesn’t have to be. There are basic elements of your wedding music that are typically part of every reception, and those choices come down to the couples’ personal preference. The rest of the night is a lot more than telling the DJ to play a certain style of music. Music sets the tone of the evening, and it also tells a lot about you as a couple. See some resources below, and some pitfalls to avoid, and hopefully this will help to make planning your wedding music list a breeze!

Wedding Music List

Hire a DJ

Hiring a DJ should be one of the most important aspects of your wedding planning. Your DJ will help to set the tone of the whole event. You want to be sure the DJ will match your excitement, and get your guests out of their chairs and out onto the dance floor.

Entrance Song

Nothing speaks to you as a couple more than how you make your entrance to your wedding reception. Choose a song that represents you! It’s your wedding, have fun with it! Are you a laid back couple who wants to walk into the reception with elegance, or are you a fun and upbeat couple who want to make a bang?

First Dance

Finding that perfect song for your first song as a couple shouldn’t be as hard as it sounds. You might even have your favorite song already. Or have a song that holds some type of special memory for the two of you. There’s so many songs to choose from when you do start looking. Here’s some ideas.

Father Daughter Dance

Father/Daughter dance is not only a sweet tradition, but a tear jerker as well. Here are some nice songs to give you some ideas.

Grooms Dance

Mother/Son dances are just so sweet and full of love. Here is a big list of beautiful songs to choose from.

It’s your wedding, and you want your style to be reflected in that. Be sure to sit down and discuss everything with your DJ beforehand. Ultimately you want the DJ to play your style of music with a little bit of everything else mixed in so all age groups are familiar with what’s being played. DJ Hoof will customize a package to give you the wedding reception of your dreams. Need music and microphones for the ceremony? DJ Hoof can provide that too. Check the availability here.