When you begin looking for a DJ, cost could be a big factor in your final decision. As you start weeding out potential vendors, you’ll soon realize that there could be a big price difference between DJ’s, even DJ’s in the same locale. This happens for a variety of reasons, depending on your event, they might not matter to you. These are four reasons that one DJ might cost more than another.

New to the Business

If the DJ is just starting out, they are probably looking to build up their resume, and don’t want to charge too much. So initially, the price will match their experience. This is a great way to get a lot of bookings at once.

Many Events in One Day

During your interviews, find out if your DJ is running from event to event. To get the best experience for your special event, whether it’s a wedding, school dance, or family function, you need your DJ to be fresh!

DJ Might Cost More


People dancing couldn’t care less what the equipment looks like as long as the music sounds good, that is the point of hiring a DJ, right? But there is the problem. If the DJ has cheap equipment that is breaking down, or is unreliable, you don’t want to hire them either. You want to be sure that they haven’t bought cheap equipment, microphones, or anything else they need to make your special event the best it can be!

What Do They Offer

Is your DJ just coming to play music? Will they come and actually entertain? If they DJ a wedding, will they interact and do the toast, first dance, and other important parts of the celebration? Do they have lights? Do they take requests? Make sure you’re getting exactly what you want out of your DJ.