Lights & Sound Packages

Lights & Sound Packages


The ultimate package brings you the super club, music festival sound and lighting experience! Featuring a FAT BEAM aerial effect laser, top-end moving head spot beams, multi-colored effect lighting, and over 22,000 watts of crisp, clean, chest pounding QSC sound. This is the system for large halls, gymnasiums, and outdoor events with crowds of 300 to 1000 people.

NOTE: This package requires setup space of 15′ x 10′, and at least 10′ ceiling height.

Essential light and sound package


The essential package provides phenomenal sound and crisp, elegant lighting effect. Featuring 2 lighting totems with moving heads, and color wash effect lighting, and over 10,000 watts of crisp, clean, impactul QSC sound. Perfect for medium to large size venues, with 100 to 300 guests.

Mini light and sound package


The mini package is perfect for tight spaces. If you have under 100 guests, and have to shove DJ Hoof in a corner, the mini still provides excellent sound. This system can be used for wedding ceremonies, or house parties.


Bringing the on-the-go van party to your neighborhood or parking lot. Perfect for outdoor events so your guests can maintain a safe distance. DJ Hoof sets up 10,000 watts of QSC sound, and a Chauvet Colorstrip light directly out the back of his van. This package does require a power outlet within 100 feet of the van.