If you are serious about your dance routines, you know how important the music is for your performance. Whether you are a solo dancer, dance team, cheerleader squad, gymnast or drag performer, I can create a custom, professional music mix for you. I am well-versed and experienced in creating properly licensed mixes.

Tell me a little about your performance such as the song(s), tempo, sound effects wanted, venue, theme, and how you want the audience to react. I will use this information to create a mix with the right vibe to make your performance a success.

Each mix is created for you and will not be shared with others. Each mix will be master for a consistent, power sound. After receiving your first draft, you will be allowed two free revision. The final mix will be deliver via Dropbox in uncompressed WAV & high quality 320kbps mp3.

Profession Mix Options

Simple Mix Edit

  • 1 song
  • Verse, bridge or hook clipped out to fit your time limits
  • No effects
  • No tempo changes

Bronze Mix Edit

  • Up to 3 songs or audio elements
  • Smooth, on-beat transitions
  • Original tempo

Silver Mix Edit

  • Up to 3 songs or audio elements
  • Up to 5 sound effects
  • Full beat-matching and tempo changes

Gold Mix Edit

  • Up to 10 songs or audio elements
  • Unlimited sound effects
  • Full beat-matching and tempo changes
  • Custom created backbeats

Here a sample of a custom professional music mix.

How have people reacted to my mixes? Some of comments on SoundCloud have been banging, amazing, really cool, killer, fire as always, best mashup, and more. Check out DJ Hoof SoundCloud to hear more mixes and see these comments for yourself. Please check out my website for Mix Option Pricing.